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One of the curators of the blue whale game was recently arrested in Russia, who said that "children are happy to die. They did everything by themselves, we just gave them little rules, they did everything with their mind, they took their lives off themselves with their will. " The name "blue whale" means blue whale because it is said that blue whales at some point in their life go to beach to die. The first to have started this "game" are considered idols and also the strongest. The game was created in 2013 and is starting to depopulate here in Italy too; already 2 people (but maybe they are even more) are dead and a girl in Calabria was arrested on charges of having instigated a 16-year-old from Catania to suicide. The first in Italy to give news of this game were the envoys, but after some time they confessed that the suicides shown in the service were fake and mounted. In addition, the Hyenas used disproportionate data such as 300,000 deaths in Russia, stating later that they were false but then reaffirming that they were true, further decreasing their credibility and diminishing fear over the Blue Whale.

Blue Whale
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